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Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Image, Video

Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading:As a matter of course every one of the pictures, goodbye and recordings of your WhatsApp talk downloads naturally when you get them. Regardless of whether you have gotten them in your own visit or in a gathering talk. WhatsApp’s default settings permit them to download naturally. On the off chance that you wish you can change the default settings as indicated by you or you can stop auto download totally.

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Ceasing auto download spares more portable information. When you have halted auto download, to download any picture, sound or video you have to touch them to download. You can change the settings on your android telephone just when you have dynamic net association.

You have to change the settings to stop auto download visit pictures, sounds or recordings. To stop auto download pictures, sounds or recordings you have to play out the accompanying strides.

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Step 1. At first you have to open WhatsApp application from the application screen on your android telephone. When you open WhatsApp application you will see three tabs in particular CALLS, CHATS and CONTACTS. There is likewise menu catch i.e, three vertical specks found upper right corner of that window.

Presently you have to touch this menu catch i.e., vertical spots to see the menu choices. Recall that you will see diverse menu alternatives relying on the choice of tab CALLS, CHATS and CONTACTS.

Step 2. When you touch menu catch i.e., vertical spots you will ready to see the Settings catch. When you touch Settings, you will go into the settings zone.

Step 3. Presently you have to touch Chat settings. When you touch Chat settings, you will ready to see different alternatives.

Step 4. Since you have gone into the Chat settings you won’t confront trouble to stop auto download. Presently among different alternatives your obligation is to discover Media auto-download. When you get it simply address it to see different choices.

Step 5. When you have touch Media auto-download, you will see three alternatives in particular When utilizing versatile information, When associated on Wi-Fi and When meandering. You have to arrange each of them independently.

Step 6. At first touch When utilizing portable information and deselect all checkbox against Image, Audio and Video with the goal that nothing could be downloaded naturally and afterward touch OK. You have ceased auto download for versatile information.

Also touch When associated on Wi-Fi and select all checkbox against Image, Audio and Video so that at whatever point your gadget is associated on Wi-Fi it will download everything naturally and afterward touch OK. The advantage of selecting all checkbox is that you will get everything free of cost. Neither you pay a solitary penny nor you misfortune your versatile information.

Again touch When wandering and deselect all checkbox against Image, Audio and Video. Since information download is expensive on wandering.

That is it! A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing the post. Tell me whether have you incapacitated auto download or not. If not, then attempt now. Additionally let others to experience this tips by sharing this post on your interpersonal organizations.

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