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How to Get 100 GB Free Google Drive Free Space

Get 100 GB Free Google Drive Free Space:We as a whole realize that Google is an exceptionally shrewd internet searcher they attempt new things to draw in more individuals to its administrations. This time Google offers free 100GB Google Drive space for neighborhood guides. Neighborhood Guides is a worldwide group of adventurers sharing their disclosures on Google Maps. With a specific end goal to make better maps for India, Google […]

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Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Image, Video

Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading:As a matter of course every one of the pictures, goodbye and recordings of your WhatsApp talk downloads naturally when you get them. Regardless of whether you have gotten them in your own visit or in a gathering talk. WhatsApp’s default settings permit them to download naturally. On the off chance that you wish you can change the default settings as indicated by you or you can […]

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New Free Screen Recording Software for PC

Screen Recording Software for PC:A screen recording programming has numerous valuable applications like making instructional exercises, exhibit of a product or making a walkthrough for a computer game and some more. These recordings can be later transferred to YouTube and other long range interpersonal communication stages for profiting. A screen recording programming is the best substitute of a camcorder. Utilizing screen recording programming you can catch and record entire screen […]

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